One of the biggest question marks in the SEC heading into the season is the state of Texas A&M’s offense. The unit overhaul included not only a new offensive coordinator in Noel Mazzone but the loss of two starting quarterbacks and the transfer of Oklahoma graduate Trevor Knight.

After a strong showing this spring, Knight was named A&M’s starting quarterback by head coach Kevin Sumlin. You can read a detailed write up on how Knight will fit into Mazzone’s offensive system. Of course the knock on Knight during his Oklahoma career has been his inconsistency. If working in Mazzone’s simplistic offense remedies that issue, the Aggies could return to having one of the best offenses in the SEC this season.

Now firmly entrenched as A&M’s starter under center, Knight has quickly gained the confidence of his coaches and teammates. Knight recently discussed his seamless transition to College Station with Jeff Tarpley of 247Sports and the quick rapport developed with everyone at A&M.

“Coach Sumlin has been top notch for me,” Knight said. “He’s welcomed me in with open arms, as have the whole A&M culture. Those guys have been unbelievable to me. Trying to step into a leadership role but not being there for four years, to gain their respect. I think I went through the process in a good way. They respect me, and I respect the heck out of them. Those type of guys who are going to make a bunch of plays. It’s not a bad deal when you’re walking into a receiver group like that and really a whole offensive unit like we have at A&M.”

As for how far the Aggies can go in his only year on campus, the senior quarterback has no doubt the team can succeed in a big way this season.

“We got talent; everybody has talent though. I truly believe in the culture of a team, which drives you win those really close,” Knight said. “We’re heading in the right direction, despite what everybody thinks.”

Both Knight and his Aggies teammates and coaches are in the unique situation of having to rehab their public image this fall after failing to meet expectations in season’s past. One thing is sure, if everything goes according to plan this time, both Knight and Texas A&M will be very thankfully the past led them to this union.