Trey Williams had a productive career at Texas A&M as a running back from 2012-14 who rushed for 1,343 yards over 3 seasons, but now he’s showing off some entertainment talent with an upcoming appearance on “America’s Got Talent” on Tuesday.

Williams said he’s enjoying his time in Los Angeles, and shared his experience with TexAgs Radio. He’s in a group called the “Players Choir,” which is made up of former NFL players, and Williams is one of the lead singers.

“It has been a fun journey,” he said. “We’ve been practicing and working hard. It correlates to football … Those guys can all sing, and they’re all talented. It’s surreal to be part of this. These guys have similar journeys, and for us to be here, harmonizing together as men, is priceless. You don’t get something like this too much.”

Williams said Brian McKinney is a name fans might recognize in the group because he was a Pro Bowler.

“We’re still working hard, and hopefully, you can vote for us when we get up here so we can perform some more and have fun,” he said. “Being out here is like football. They have a set schedule for things you have to do. There is a lot of practice and rehearsing. I take the football approach and mentality towards this, and it’s to attack. It’s about going out there and doing it, being consistent in what it takes to get your voice ready.”