Have you ever seen two straight-up talented wide receivers having a conversation?

Uninterrupted.com set up up a conversation between former Texas A&M receivers Mike Evans and Josh Reynolds. One is already a Pro Bowl wide receiver for the Buccaneers, while the other is about to head into the NFL Draft and start his pro career.

The best part out of the whole conversation was the talk about money, and Evans is surely making enough of it. But Evans gave Reynolds some good advice on the subject, and he would surely know after receiving nearly a $9 million signing bonus.

Josh Reynolds: “What was the hardest thing you faced when you got drafted? What was the thing you had to learn?”

Mike Evans: “Money. I’m not an extravagant guy. I don’t buy like a lot of crazy things. I still haven’t bought myself a car yet. But helping people — I got a lot of friends and family. It’s cool to help people out here and there in times of need, but you have to know when to stop it.”

Here’s the full conversation:

In three years at TAMU, Reynolds caught 164 passes for 2,788 yards and 30 touchdowns, and he’s hoping his game transitions into the NFL with ease.