The status of his contract won’t hold back Myles Garrett from hitting the field in Cleveland as the top pick in the 2017 NFL Draft has already signed his first NFL contract. The Browns locked up the former Aggie Friday to a four-year deal, with a team option on the fifth and final year of the deal.

The top pick in the latest draft racked up 31 sacks, 141 tackles, and seven forced fumbles during his three-year career in College Station before being selected by Cleveland at the top of the draft board.

To celebrate the signing of his rookie deal, Garrett selected to play Seal’s ‘Kiss From a Rose’ while he happily agreed to the team’s terms. Check out video of his signing here:

As for the details of the deal, NFL Insider Ian Rapoport reports Garrett will receive $30.4 million guaranteed with a signing bonus of $20.25 million. No wonder the former Aggie defensive end was eager to hear ‘Kiss From a Rose’ Friday, he’s clearly feeling the love from the Browns.