Jimbo Fisher was 83-23 as Florida State’s head coach, leading the Seminoles to a victory in the 2013 national championship.

Now, the title-winning coach is in College Station, where he’ll take over for recently fired Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin as the leader of the Aggies.

On Monday, the new Texas A&M coach was introduced at a press conference, and went through his first interview as the head coach of the program, as you can see in the video below, shared by the Aggies on Twitter:

“You can’t achieve anything without work,” he said at one point in the above video. “There’s no secret to success. The secret is there’s no secret. You have to have a comprehensive plan and you have to work to it and you have to do the things you have to to be successful.”

Fisher won’t coach the Aggies’ bowl game, but he’ll take over the program after that to try to get the Aggies to take the next step.

Sumlin did a good job in College Station, but his teams never competed for SEC titles, so Fisher will have to get the Aggies to Atlanta to be considered a success.