Well, this is interesting.

Remember Kyle Allen, the five-star quarterback recruit from Arizona that signed with Texas A&M following the Johnny Manziel era? After he replaced Kenny Hill in the lineup as a true freshman, Allen’s future looked incredibly bright in College Station until the whole Kyler Murray fiasco went down and he left the program to go play for Tom Herman at Houston.

Of course, he never got to actually play for Herman — as he bolted for Texas following Allen’s transfer season. Apparently, one season with Major Applewhite was enough for Allen to want to leave Houston for the NFL. News of this move is being reported by Joseph Duarte of the Houston Chronicle.

After throwing for a grand total of 751 yards, four touchdowns and four interceptions, Allen was benched this season at Houston in favor of someone named Kyle Postma.

One way to look at this, as long as Murray and Postma aren’t in the NFL to steal his spot, Allen could have a clear path to starting at the next level.

Allen himself has since confirmed the news with the following post: