No breaking news here. Why? Tennessee still hasn’t hired an offensive coordinator. When will the Vols fill the position left by Tyson Helton, who left to become Western Kentucky’s head coach? Wouldn’t you like to know.

One name after another has been mentioned as Helton’s replacement over the past two weeks. While coaches find other jobs and other programs hire coaches, the Vols seem to be stood up at the altar. That’s nothing new. The Vols were in that position in their past three head coaching hires.

Here are 20 questions I’d like to ask UT coach Jeremy Pruitt about what could become one of the most important decisions in his short tenure in Knoxville:

1. Are you allowed to make a coaching decision in less than a month?

Maybe this is just the Tennessee Way. By not hiring a coach quickly, Pruitt could be just embracing a Tennessee tradition, like the Vol Walk or Gen. Robert Neyland’s maxims.

2. How long did it take to hire Gen. Neyland?

We’d have to go back in the history books for this one. Are there records proving that Neyland was vetted properly? Did he have any baggage? Let’s get Vol Historian Tom Mattingly on this one immediately!

3. Did Dan Enos’ name work against him?

Pruitt reportedly interviewed Enos, who is expected to be named as Alabama’s offensive coordinator. However, let’s be honest, Pruitt is a southern man who must be familiar with “The Dukes of Hazzard.” I’m sure Pruitt didn’t want an offensive coordinator that would crash UT’s offense in a lake. How about Jim Bob Cooter instead?

4. Did you call Lane Kiffin?

Surely you did.

5. How many times did you call Lane?

Please tell me you called at least twice.

6. Do you need Lane’s number?

If not, he’s pretty active on Twitter. I’m sure you could find him there. DM him. He’ll get back.

7. Would Lane Kiffin have had a better chance if that odd looking picture of him tipping his sunglasses weren’t floating around the internet?

Kiffin is an offensive savant and a good looking guy, but that picture. Eeesh.

8. How do you power rank “past baggage?”

Pruitt reportedly interviewed Hugh Freeze, who had a history of calling escorts and allowing his Ole Miss program to suffer severe NCAA sanctions. Pruitt also reportedly interviewed Kendal Briles, who was present at Baylor when they were busted for allowing an environment of sexual misconduct.

10. How about Derek Dooley?

He’s had some success at Missouri. And he’s pretty good at press conferences.

11. Do you feel like Butch Jones slipped through your fingers?

Oh, the one that got away …

12. Did you call Mack Brown for advice?

The newly hired North Carolina coach hasn’t been a head coach since 2013 and his staff seems to be coming together.

13. Did you call Les Miles for advice?

Miles has been able to hire coaches at Kansas. Yes, Kansas.

14. Have you thought about hiring an intern or calling plays yourself?

I’m sure there’s a young man that would love the opportunity. And, let’s be honest Jeremy, you’re going to call the offense eventually anyway. That’s not even a joke.

15. Do you suppose Fulmer has a few hours to spare on Saturday afternoons?

Isn’t that part of the master plan?

16. What about Peyton … is he busy?

Surely Peyton is sick of doing those awful insurance commercials. Eli’s near the end, too. Peyton could run the offense and Eli could help with QBs. It’s never too early to start recruiting Peyton’s 7-year-old son, too. Just a thought.

17. Since he’s still getting paid, does former athletic director John Currie have to sign off on this?

After all, Currie needs to earn his paycheck.

18. Did you consider me?

Amongst my family and friends, I’m thought to have a pretty bright offensive mind. Sometimes I can predict what an offense is going to do while sitting at home on the couch. Imagine what I could do on the sideline!

19. Did you call the pride of Johnson City?

I hear Steve Spurrier’s Orlando Apollos could be in for a down year.

20. Who will Jimmy Sexton tell you to hire?

I think we all know that will be the determining factor.