For the last few weeks, there have been a lot of things said about the quarterback situation at Tennessee but one surprising comment that raised some eyebrows came from former Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray about Tennessee starting quarterback Joe Milton.

Murray, a college football analyst for CBS, told Mike Wilson of the Knoxville News Sentinel that Milton reminds him of Justin Fields at Georgia. Murray opined that Milton may be feeling the same pressure Fields felt when he arrived in Athens.

“He has been told his whole life that you have a rocket arm,” Murray told Wilson. “You can throw the ball harder than anyone else out there. It is too much. You are seeing overthrows and balls that aren’t catchable. You are seeing easy slant passes that are behind the receiver because you are throwing it as hard as you can and you are a little bit late. I think if he can work on that and he still is young, I think he has the ability.

“I am not going to completely write him off.”

Murray explained how it reminded him of Fields.

“Justin, his whole life, and this is an issue I see with lots of quarterbacks, they think that I need to throw the football 100 miles an hour to be successful,” Murray said. “I think he learned when he transferred to Ohio State that is not the move. That is not what you want to do. It is all about touch. It is about anticipation and making the ball catchable.”

Murray added that he doesn’t believe that backup Hendon Hooker has earned the starting job just yet. Tennessee has yet to announce who they plan to start in the Florida game this week.