Former Tennessee star Albert Haynesworth is in the news for the wrong reason. Haynesworth was arrested Monday on domestic violence and disorderly conduct after an incident with his ex-girlfriend and her current boyfriend.

According to Brittney Baird of WKRN, Haynesworth drove to Cleveland, Tennessee from Franklin after making threats to physically harm the couple. Cleveland police officers found Haynesworth at the home yelling at the couple.

Haynesworth was still arrested for domestic assault despite no actual physical assault occurring, per WKRN:

“According to a release from the Cleveland Police Department, “although no physical assault was reported, Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA) 39-13-101 states ‘a person commits assault who intentionally or knowingly causes another to reasonably fear imminent bodily injury.’ A person commits domestic assault who commits an assault as defined above, against a domestic abuse victim, as defined in TCA 39-13-111.”

According to the report, Haynesworth was taken into custody by Cleveland police “after being told multiple times to stop yelling and cursing.” He was transported to the Bradley County Justice Center.

After his Volunteers career, Haynesworth spent 11 years in the NFL, making the Pro Bowl twice. Haynesworth was a first-round selection by the Tennessee Titans in the 2002 NFL Draft, entering the draft after three seasons in Knoxville.