During the Super Bowl 50 postgame celebration, Peyton Manning mentioned twice that he was going to drink a lot of Budweiser later on.

How much did Budweiser make in free advertising off of that? According to sponsorship analytics group Apex MG Analytics, one mention was $1.6 million, so that amounts to $3.2 million.

Manning’s Budweiser mentions didn’t help his own team’s backyard since the Brewers Association is based in Colorado. Julia Herz, the company’s craft beer program director, made sure to reach out to Manning to sway him towards their choices, “which may satisfy the celebratory occasion more than a light American lager.”

Manning’s comment also inspired Left Hand Brewing Company in Colorado to offer a free pint of beer in exchange for an empty bottle or can of Budweiser in its tasting room this past Monday and Tuesday.

“We believe that our quarterback in Colorado deserves better and this craft brew is for you,” Left Hand spokeswoman Emily Armstrong said.