Tennessee coach Butch Jones believes his team’s slogans like “Brick by Brick” have gotten an unfair amount of attention.

“Every coach has those,” Jones said at the team’s media day. “For some reason at Tennessee, I think it’s all kind of blown out of proportion because that’s the one topic to talk about. … Every football program has those. It’s a way to get the attention of your program. We haven’t been any different. I think it’s been grossly over-talked about.”

The Associated Press notes that the San Francisco 49ers are using “Brick by Brick” as a slogan and Ohio State coach Urban Meyer has talked about how teams must “own it,” which was UT’s motto last season.

Senior guard Jashon Robertson told the AP’s Steve Megargee that the team’s 2017 motto, “DAT” (Details, Accountability, Toughness), works for players in his generation.

“With our generation, that’s how we remember things,” Robertson said. “It’s a certain way for us to remember a lot of core values in our program. The teams that listen to them are the ones that are usually pretty successful. They may seem a bit cheesy at times or a bit repetitive, but at the same time, there’s something we get out of those slogans. Details, Accountability, Toughness. Those are huge aspects of a team that you need to have to be good.”