No one disputes Oklahoma LB Eric Striker’s status as one of the nation’s top defensive talents.

But his actions after the Sooners’ double-overtime win at Neyland Stadium had Tennessee coach Butch Jones questioning his sportsmanship.

At least that’s what Striker says went down following the 31-24 Oklahoma win on Saturday night.

Have a look at what cameras caught of his behavior after the conclusion of the game:

According to Oklahoma beat writer Jason Kersey’s Twitter account, Striker says that his banter with the Vols faithful drew criticism from Jones in a post-game encounter:

Striker drew plenty of attention on himself prior to Saturday’s game with his comments about the SEC in the days leading up to the contest.

Highlights from Striker’s thoughts on the SEC:

“I don’t know why people blow gas up their ass all the time. I don’t understand why.”

“I like to prove people wrong. I love that. They say this about you, say this about your opponent, the SEC has this and has that … what they don’t understand is you got to get it done between the lines. Who’s the better team when the whistle blows between the lines?”

“I hope SEC players don’t let it go to their head, because that’s how you get beat. I’m look forward it, to gas them up and bring them right back down to Earth.”

“It’s just one of those things. Let’s prove the world wrong. But it never works. The next year, it’s the same thing. I’ve been hearing it since I was in high school … SEC … SEC … SEC …”

“SEC, Big 12, Pac 10, MAC … it’s all football at the end of the day, whatever they throw at you.”

It’s certainly plausible that Jones was already miffed at the way the linebacker handled himself handled himself through the media, leading to a less than pleasant reception to his post-game antics.

What do you think, SEC fans?