The Tennessee program has reached record lows in recent seasons, there’s no denying that fact.

However, as bad as some of the football has been on Rocky Top over the last decade, the Tennesee fan base has never given up on their Vols and continue to support their program as it struggles to get off the mat.

Tennessee is facing a monumental challenge this weekend as No. 3 Georgia comes to town looking to improve to 5-0 on the season. The point spread is well over 20 points early in the week and no one will likely be predicting Tennessee to pull off the upset come Saturday.

Things are so bad on the surface that some Bulldog fans are trying to rally support to checker Neyland Stadium. Not orange and white, as has been done in previous seasons, but red and black for a Bulldog invasion this weekend.

Pruitt was asked two questions by one reporter with the second question regarding the attempt by some Georgia fans to checker Neyland Stadium red and black Saturday night.

“I have a hard time believing that – that other question you asked me – would happen,” Pruitt responded to the thought that Georgia could even accomplish such a feat in Neyland Stadium.

Have things really gotten so bad on Rocky Top that opposing fans can come into General Neyland’s house and checker the stadium? That’s doubtful. If anything, this move will only encourage more Tennessee fans to show up louder and prouder on Saturday night in the hopes of rooting their school into a monumental upset.