Much of Tennessee’s struggles this year have revolved around its rushing attack that ranks 100th nationally in yards per game.

A big reason for that is how often the Volunteers get stopped at or behind the line.

Tennessee has the highest offensive stuff rate — which measures runs of no gain or negative yards — among SEC teams, according to CFB Film Room. At a whopping 25.8 percent, the Volunteers are aren’t getting past the line of scrimmage on a quarter of their rushes.

What makes the stat even more alarming is how much worse than every other SEC team Tennessee is in this department.

The next-worse team is Arkansas at 19.3 percent, making for a 6.5 percent difference from the Volunteers’ stuff rate. But the gap between the Razorbacks number and that of second-ranked Kentucky (12.9 percent) is almost exactly the same.

It’s not surprising to see run-heavy squads like Mississippi State and Kentucky top the list. What is a bit shocking, however, is how low No. 1 Alabama (seventh, 14.2 percent), No. 6 Georgia (ninth, 16.2 percent) and No. 3 LSU (10th, 18.0 percent) rank in stuff rate given their success this season.