During his solid career on Rocky Top, former Tennessee starting quarterback Joshua Dobbs was often regarded not only for his play but his outstanding academic career at the school. While his interest in aerospace engineering is noteworthy, some are concerned it could hurt him in the eyes of the NFL.

According to FOX Sports’ Charles Davis, himself a UT alum, Dobbs’ potential future career in aerospace engineering could lead to NFL execs questioning his lack of commitment to the game. Davis recently shared his concerns regarding this subject according to Jimmy Hyams of GridironNow:

“He’s got to make sure everyone knows he loves football,” Davis said. “If a kid has other options, immediately scouts want to zero in on, ‘Does he love the game first?’ Evaluators are going to use that against him, as crazy as that sounds.

“If he (Dobbs) were to ask me, I’d tell him point blank, ‘Make sure you let them know you love the game and you are willing to do everything possible to become an NFL player. … Let them know you don’t want to build airplanes for another 10 to 15 years.”

The Tennessee signal caller has garnered national attention for his brain, as well as his athletic ability. The long-time starter for the Vols has made no secret that he dreams of a career in aerospace engineering, and he did multiple internships at Pratt & Whitney before last season.

Though this unique intelligence and career path of Dobbs may seem like an asset to many NFL meeting rooms, Davis believes that it could almost serve as a distraction.

Only time will tell, but as it stands, CBS’s NFLDraftScout.com profile has him listed as a sixth-round pick as a QB.