Jeremy Pruitt wants to make sure our nation’s medical professionals know they are appreciated during this challenging time.

So much so, that the Tennessee coach recently ended an interview by giving them a special shout-out on the air.

Pruitt was recently interviewed by Birmingham-based 94.5 FM radio show “3 Man Front,” but before hopping off the line he had this message for the show’s hosts.

“You know what guys, it’s amazing to me every day that I flip on the TV and I see that our doctors and our nurses and everybody associated with our medical field,” Pruitt said. “The fight, the grit, just the grit that they have every morning to go in there and fight the battle that they’re fighting, and knowing that when they go home they have a family just like we have. You guys give a shout out to all the doctors and the nurses across our country for me, please.”

That’s the right message for a coach to share during this time as many medical professionals are putting their lives on the line to help fight the coronavirus.

You can check out Pruitt’s comments below courtesy of “3 Man Front” host and SEC Network analyst Cole Cubelic.