Darel Middleton may have put his college playing career in jeopardy over the weekend after getting arrested, which made headlines. Now he vows to do what he can to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

If you missed it, Middleton was charged with domestic assault and public intoxication in Knoxville following an altercation that led to his girlfriend being pushed to the ground twice, according to the police report.

Middleton is set to be a senior next season and one of the anchors of the defensive line after starting six games and appearing in 13 contests in 2019 but it’s unclear how Tennessee is going to handle this run-in with the law.

Following his weekend arrest, Middleton has issued the following tweet with this caption:

“Not looking for sympathy. I’m looking for those who know me deep down inside to know. That wasn’t me and I owned up to my mistakes. I WANT TO APOLOGIZE TO THE UNIVERSITY AND OUR FOOTBALL PROGRAM AS WE CONTINUE TO RISE. For the embarrassment.”

The tweet also had this lengthy statement, in which Middleton claims he will seek treatment for his use of alcohol:

“I would like to issue a formal apology for my actions this past week. Through my actions, I brought negative attention to my family, team, school, the Vol Nation and myself. I know the expectations of our program and the direction we are heading as a program. I am sorry to bring any negative to what we are doing. I know from my past, how perception not just label you but everyone around you. I have a daughter and I love so much and to realize one incident could ruin everything I worked for really made me think.

“In my growth, I am learning to take responsibility for my actions. No matter what my intent may have been, I was wrong in my actions. I have come to realize that alcohol is not a program for me in regards of how much, how often, etc. I realize it is a problem if it can cause me to act in a way the not in my best interest. For that, I am seeking Alcohol Counseling now. I am going to contact Ms. Juarez, with the Center of Health Education and Wellness, to see if they could help with my counseling.

“Again, I am sorry that I brought this negative attention on this program and university. I am grateful for the opportunity I have received. from the University of Tennessee. Although my actions may not have shown it, I do value this opportunity to improve my family situation.”