Aaron Murray isn’t the only former Mark Richt player from Georgia that appears to have some level of resentment toward Jeremy Pruitt. David Pollack shared his own harsh criticism of Tennessee’s head coach on Wednesday at SEC Media Days.

Those feelings aren’t necessarily unwarranted, as Pruitt was Richt’s defensive coordinator the final two years of the former Bulldog head coach’s career in Athens. While his defenses were the strength of those two teams, the division amongst the offensive and defensive coaching staff on Richt’s final UGA team has been put largely on Pruitt’s shoulders. Whether that’s fair or not, we may never know the complete truth of the matter but that hasn’t kept former Georgia standouts from speaking their peace on Tennessee’s new head coach.

Murray made headlines across SEC Media Days on Tuesday after suggesting he doesn’t have faith that Pruitt can handle being a head coach in the SEC.

“I don’t know if his personality is fit to be a head coach,” Murray said during an appearance on ESPN Radio The Game in Nashville. You can read Murray’s full quote here.

Immediately after Pruitt finished speaking at the main podium at SEC Media Days in Atlanta, serving as an analyst for SEC Network program “SEC Now,” Pollack offered up these thoughts on Tennessee’s new coach.

“To address Aaron’s (Murray) comment — because I think it needs to be addressed a little bit — the stories that I have heard and some of y’all have heard that came out of Athens – that are true, (from) coaches that were on the staff, some of the things Jeremy Pruitt did to Mark Richt, some coaches would tell you are the most disrespectful, most crazy things they heard,” Pollack said on the set of “SEC Now.”

“So, I’ll be curious to watch Jeremy Pruitt as he evolves with this relationship with Phillip Fulmer because Jeremy Pruitt did a good job when he was with Nick Saban — because he knew where he stood. He did a good job with Jimbo Fisher — they let you know where you stand. The hierarchy was very clear. How does he evolve as a head coach?

“He put on a good show (at the main podium at SEC Media Days), he definitely showed you what he has. I want to see if he continues to treat people in the correct manner, if he respects authority, because to be honest, the stories we’ve heard — we’ve all heard the same stories, it was pretty bad. It was disrespectful, so that’s what I’m interested to see.”