Rick Barnes is not just a great coach but a great human being and Dick Vitale wants to make sure people hear his story.

Barnes sent Vitale daily prayer messages during the ESPN host’s battle with cancer. Vitale saw a tweeted video of Barnes discussing those messages and shared his appreciation for the Tennessee coach.


Vitale mentions how difficult things were for him during his cancer treatment and that coach Barnes went out of his way to show him that he’s not alone. When first asked about his relationship with Vitale, Barnes showed a genuine smile and started with their friendship that began in the 1980s. When coach Barnes asked what Vitale needed during his cancer treatment he responded with “prayers”.

“Well, I promise you I’ll pray for you every day,” Barnes said while walking through their relationship. “And I just decided the prayers I was praying for him I’d just text them to him.”

“I’m glad he’s healthy and again I think I can speak for everyone with thank him for what he’s done for our collegiate game,” Barnes praising Vitale on his contributions throughout the years.