Donde Plowman, the Tennessee Chancellor, took time on Wednesday before a cabinet meeting to reinforce her point that was originally made Tuesday is a scathing letter to the NCAA about its investigation into allegations of NIL violations.

“Think about it this way: If someone charges you, or your family, or your children with something, that you didn’t do,” she said, “and you think is unfair, you’re going to speak up. There’s no question in my mind about what to do. I made that clear in the letter, and when you’re leading a university and someone attacks you, and makes an allegation that isn’t true, I will always respond.”

The most significant aspect, she said, is she will always stand up for the athletes.

“And that’s where the attack was really on, if you want to be honest about it,” she said.

On Tuesday in the letter to the NCAA, Plowman contended that the allegations are “factually untrue and procedurally flawed.” NCAA rules regarding NIL are also “intellectually dishonest” in how they are written.