KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Tennessee opened fall training camp and the hottest topic is the quarterback battle between junior Quinten Dormady and redshirt freshman Jarrett Guarantano.

Both quarterbacks discussed the race following the first practice. Dormady is setting a goal for each practice.

“Coming into each and every day, you kind of set a goal with something you want to achieve for that day,” he said. “That’s all I’ve been worried about, just going out and focusing on the details and fundamentals. Things will fall into place. Just finding those one or two things to build on each and every day.

“In the summertime we were able to get a lot done,” Guarantano said. “We were able to do 7-on-7 as a team, and I was able to go back and watch film from the spring time. I think that helped me out a lot, and I’m just excited about this fall camp.

“Even going out there and doing pat-and-go helped. Just getting live reps and being able to see some coverages and the ball coming on different patterns, so I think it helped running backs, receivers, linebackers, safeties, quarterbacks, it helped everybody in the process.”

Dormady saw the 7-on-7 work as “good reps to carry out here to camp and throughout the season.”

“I think that it was just a good fundamental base for being able to translate it out here,” he said. “We got some good work in the summer with the receivers. For us to be able to do that, I thought it was a good building block. That’s how you build, is by getting reps, so the more reps we got this summer, the more that was going to help us out here today. I think that did translate.

“I don’t think any one player flashed, but we weren’t going out there trying to hurt each other. It was just good, solid work. We were working on the fundamentals on each of our games — as far as route-running goes, with the backs and protection and things like that — so I don’t think any one player stood out. That wasn’t the goal of it; the goal was to get timing with the group and the overall playbook and the overall process of each of our games.”

Guarantano, known as a better runner than passer, says he’s already getting in sync with the receivers.

“Latrell Williams is definitely someone that came on,” he said. “Josh Smith was back and had a great practice. Brandon Johnson is able to create separation from the outside. Marquez Callaway is able to go up and get it. Jeff George is 6-6. Jauan Jennings is Jauan Jennings. The freshmen who just came in have been working their tails off and are doing a great job.”

Another benefit for the two quarterbacks this offseason was having Mike Canales join the coaching staff to work with the QBs.

“Coach Canales has been a great addition, I think he has done a great job with me. He’s always there for the quarterback group,” Guarantano said.

Dormady agreed.

“He’s been in the NFL and a lot of different places. Having his input along with all of our new coaches really has been a good improvement. We’re continuing to grow and we will continue to grow throughout camp and throughout the season. It’s definitely good to have him on board.”

As for the race to be QB1, there’s no timetable and Butch Jones mentioned at SEC Media Days that both quarterbacks might play.

“We’re just here to win a championship,” Dormady said. “Whatever that looks like to get there, as an overall team and our offensive unit, I think that people are willing to do that. So whatever happens, we will go with it and do our best and try our best to get back to the top.”

Guarantano agreed, saying “whatever helps the team win.”

Dormady isn’t counting his experience as an edge in the battle to start.

“I don’t really look at it like that. Obviously it’s an open competition,” he said. “We have good camaraderie. The room is fun and energetic. We get a lot accomplished throughout our meetings and the camaraderie in the quarterback room is really good.”

Dormady added the chemistry extends to every corner of the locker room. He understands when to be vocal toward each one of his teammates and how to do it in a respectful way.

“There’s a time and a place,” he said. “Each guy reacts differently to that. So just being around the team, being around my teammates and getting to know them on a personal level.

“So there’s different guys that respond to that. I’m not going to yell just to yell at people, but if there’s something that needs to get changed that’s happening over and over again, then that would be a time where I would do that. … There’s a time and a place for it.”