Drew Gilbert is one of the best personalities in all of college baseball, and to be a part of Tennessee’s sweep over Vanderbilt only adds more fuel to his fire.

The Tennessee outfielder said as the Vols picked up win after win this weekend against Vanderbilt, the hecklers seemed to go away.

“You definitely notice that,” Gilbert said, per Fan Nation’s Volunteer Country. “When you step on someone’s throat, they tend to get a little quieter.”

Gilbert said getting 3 wins at Vanderbilt was tough, but getting wins against any SEC opponent means the same in the long run.

“Being No. 1 is cool and all, but our end goal has nothing to do with a ranking,” he said. “We try to play our best baseball every single day, we try to improve every single day. If we keep doing that, we’ll be in a good spot at the end of the year.”

Gilbert admitted that the Vols embrace being the villain and it helps them play on the road.

“We don’t care if people are yelling at us, we kind of like it,” Gilbert said. “I think if you embrace it, things can go kind of like they have been going.”

Gilbert said the frenzied atmosphere at the beginning of the series on Friday was something that you can either cower away from, or use as a spark, and the Vols used it as a spark.