As Tennessee settles in to take on Campbell in a second straight game without starting catcher Evan Russell, ESPN announcer Troy Eklund continues to apologize for his comments during a Friday broadcast.

While Russell was cleared to play Saturday morning, he was not in the starting lineup for the regional matchup vs. Campbell. Eklund also apologized during a Saturday broadcast from the Stillwater Regional but opted to pen a second letter in a statement on Twitter.

“While I made a statement on air today, I again want to extend my most sincere apologies to Evan Russell and his family, Coach (Tony) Vitello and the entire Vols organization and fanbase for comments I made in error yesterday,” Eklund wrote. “I know coach Vitello and believe he knows where my heart is coming from and that I didn’t mean to cause any harm. I’m truly sorry and will work to do better in the future.”