Josh Heupel had plenty of praise about Alabama at his Monday press conference.

Here are his comments:

Opening statement: Really good football team that we’re playing. They’re playing well, all 3 phases of the football game. Their quarterback’s playing extremely well, been accurate with the football down the field. Obviously he’s extremely dynamic with his feet as well. Defensively, they’re creating a bunch of negative plays, with quarterback sacks and tackles for loss and special teams are really good. So huge test for us, one that we’re excited for and gotta focus on our preparation this week.

On crowd noise: End of the day we’ve got to do a great job communicating, you’ve got to focus on your job and be dialed in to that. It’s 11-on-11 when you’re inside the lines. So we continue to work that we’ll be ready for it.

On Alabama defense: Going to say this, it’s kind of a repeat from last week, you’ve got to have some efficiency in the run game. You get into long distance situations and they have the ability to pin their ears back and come after the quarterback. They’re multiple in what they do. All 5 guys got to operate together, not only in the run game, but you’ve got to be in sync in the pass protections, too. Got to get the ball out on time, there’s going to be a bunch of the 1-on-1 matchups on the outside, got to win some of those matchups and be accurate with the football. It’s going to take all 11, they all play a piece in what goes on, in the run game and in the pass game too.

On Jalen Milroe: He’s made a bunch of plays from inside of the pocket, pushing the football down the football field. His ability, if you don’t have rush integrity to get out and make plays with his feet is something that pops out on tape and then he obviously, when the ball’s in his hands, and he’s a part of the run game, he’s dynamic. He’s somebody that you’ve got to have bottled up every snap. He’s a dynamic playmaker.