Some guys are just old school, and former Tennessee (current Dallas Cowboys) TE Jason Witten is one of them.

Although you may disagree, what helps make Odell Beckham stand out are his ridiculous celebrations (and plays), but on the contrary, it’s the lack of celebrations that helps the old-school Witten stand out, too.

The NFL announced in May that it would relax its rules on post-touchdown celebrations, but that’s not going to make Witten do anything different than he’s ever done during his incredible 14-year career, regardless if the Cowboys receivers have some choreographed celebrations planned.

Why? He’s following his grandfather’s advice.

“Granddad taught me a long time ago, act like you’ve been there before,” Witten said, via DallasNews. “But better yet, I’m just not as clever as these guys.”

Although he won’t partake, Witten isn’t against celebrations and encourages his teammates to have fun.

“Our game is at an all-time high,” he said. “My kids watch it. I know a lot of guys, even in this locker room are really good at it. I enjoy seeing it and I get a laugh out of it.

“You never want to lose the fun of it. I think they got to draw the line. The league’s in a tough spot in a lot of ways. But you never want to see the kid in these players when they make these plays lose sight of that. Hopefully they’ll be able to find a boundary there and allow these guys to still entertain and do what they like to do.”

One of the biggest reasons I don’t watch the NFL — aside from loving college football, is the showboating. Players make simple first-down receptions or runs and get up like it’s an 85-yard touchdown.

I doubt the relaxed NFL rules will cause more people to watch games — I won’t, but it certainly adds to the entertainment factor for many NFL fans, and not to mention the players.