Back in 2016, star RB Jalen Hurd was a source of much conversation in Knoxville, as reports about the Tennessee standout were coming out seemingly every day.

He wasn’t a team player, he was injured, he was a quitter — all of these were things Hurd heard. He eventually left the program and transferred to Baylor, where he’ll take the field as a wide receiver this fall.

In an in-depth profile from Bleacher Report’s Matt Hayes on Friday, a former Tennessee assistant said no one worked harder for Tennessee or gave more to the program than Hurd, adding that Hurd got an unfair rap from fans and media:

“There’s a sign in the locker room that we all touched before heading to the field that says, ‘I will give my all for Tennessee,'” a former Vols assistant told Bleacher Report. “If any guy gave his all for that program, it was [Hurd]. He played hurt. He played hard. He did everything he was asked. We started 5-0, then lost three straight, and everyone wanted a fall guy. Guess who that guy was?”

Hurd could have made it to the NFL as a running back if he’d finished the 2016 season out, but now he’s gambling on himself and his ability to carve out a longer career as a receiver.

Hayes’s profile is well worth your time, and you can read the entire piece here.

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