Most Tennessee fans probably never want to see Lane  Kiffin, who left the school for USC after just one season as its head coach in 2009, in Knoxville ever again.

But one former Volunteers coach thinks a Kiffin return would be good for the school.

Kippy Brown, a former wide receivers coach who was named Kiffin’s interim following his lone year at Tennessee, brought up Kiffin during a speech to the Knoxville Quarterback Club. Brown said Alabama’s current offensive coordinator would be “a good fit” for the Vols.

It’s an odd comment, given Kiffin’s track record in Knoxville and that Tennessee has shown no signs of wanting to move on from Butch Jones.

But Kiffin has been a hot name in several coaching searches this year, most recently being tied to the offensive coordinator job at LSU. If the time comes for Tennessee to fill a head coaching vacancy, Kiffin has at least one supporter in Brown.

Soon after making his initial comments, Brown attempted to clarify his statements on Kiffin: