Former Tennessee DE Darrell Taylor received positive news after the game following an injury he suffered in the fourth quarter that required him to be stretchered off the field in the Seattle Seahawks game at the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll shared good news in his postgame press conference on Sunday night even though it was preliminary information, Carroll said that Taylor’s initial CT scans were “clear” and Taylor has feeling and movement in all his extremities.

“That’s a really good preliminary report,” Carroll said. “We’re thrilled about that news.”

Taylor was expected to fly back to Seattle with the team.

Taylor suffered an injury near midfield, and was down for several minutes before his facemask was removed and he was immobilized on a stretcher. Players from both teams circled around Taylor as he received medical attention.

“He was so mad at having to be taken off the field like that,” Carroll said. “He wanted to get up. They wouldn’t let him do it because they had to do all the secure methods to take care of him and all that. He didn’t want any part of that.”