Former Tennessee quarterback Erik Ainge joined The Paul Finebaum Show live from Knoxville on Friday afternoon.

Ainge attempted to explain the reasons for Volunteers head coach Butch Jones’ fragmented relationship with local media. This is all stemming from Jones’ rant this past week. You can watch it here.

Ainge said, in his opinion, that millennials are part of the problem for Jones.

Finebaum’s producer, John Hayes tweeted this on Ainge’s comments:

“Alabama and Tennessee are probably the two schools that have more experts, people with radio shows who buy their own time on the radio … there’s no accountability,” Ainge said. “They say things, and if it works, great. They break stories that aren’t true.

“The people that go and cover our team, that have been there forever, they aren’t the problem,” Ainge continued. “That’s not fake news … it’s new, millennial … ”

Ainge refused to name the radio hosts he was speaking about. As he put it, they aren’t important enough to be named on Finebaum’s show.

Here are a couple videos of Ainge’s comments posted on Twitter by user @buckeye_benny: