Former Tennessee wide receiver Jayson Swain called Tennessee’s 24-21 loss at South Carolina the worst of Butch Jones’ tenure duringĀ WBIR Knoxville‘s postgame report Saturday.

“Absolutely,” Swain said. “The first three years you were lacking some talent. This was supposed to be the year when you had all the talent, you had all the guys that you brought in. Ninety-five percent of this football team is Butch Jones’ players and we heard that this was going to be the best year.

“And to lose to a South Carolina team with a poor offense, 3-4 record, a quarterback that should be in high school right now. To come out there after a bye week and lay that type of effort on the line. It was inexcusable. It’s embarrassing.”

Swain also compared Tennessee’s performance in Week 9 to its slow start in its season opener against Appalachian State, which resulted in a 20-13 overtime win.

“It reminded me a little bit of the first game,” he said. “These are two times when you’re supposed to be excited about playing the game of football. It’s the first game of the season at home and it’s coming off of a bye week. And the game before the bye week you lost so you should be excited about going out there and showing everyone what you fixed during the bye week especially against a South Carolina team that’s not very good.”