Greg McElroy was afraid this would happen, but after the College Football Playoff rankings were released, his expectations came true.

“I told you I was probably going to blow a gasket,” McElroy said on his “Always College Football” podcast. “Not because I’m going to tell you these rankings don’t matter, they do.”

McElroy explained that he wasn’t satisfied with how Boo Corrigan, the CFP committee chair, explained how the committee arrived at its final rankings.

“There were a few things that I saw in the rankings that are completely unjustifiable,” he said. “… There are also a couple things in the rankings that I loved.”

McElroy agreed with Tennessee at No. 1 because it’s a reward for what’s already played out. He also had no problem with Ohio State at No. 2. McElroy expected Georgia to be at No. 4, but the Bulldogs are at No. 3 because, “clearly the committee doesn’t value Michigan.”

“Here’s where I have an issue right now … they kept referring, why did they keep referring to them as the Big 3,” he said. “Rece Davis did it, Boo Corrigan did it, several others did it. Why, it’s the Big 3 now, like those 3 teams are way separated? Like clearly they’re separated from everybody else? Really? You sure? Have you watched Michigan? Have you, if you haven’t it’s fine, we’re good.”

He disagreed with the label of the Big 3 because he doesn’t believe it’s true.

At No. 4, McElroy said he respects Clemson and what it’s accomplished as a program. The Tigers have wins over teams ranked Nos. 20, 21, 22, but McElroy doesn’t believe any of those teams should be ranked.

“I don’t have a terrible issue with it, but if you just watch it, if Clemson played Michigan, I would pick Michigan every day and twice on Saturday,” he said. “But look at the resume.”