Greg McElroy puts Tennessee in a group of teams that went from hunter to hunted, as the Vols are coming off their first double-digit win season since 2007.

He recalled how Tennessee a year ago had some Ole Miss vibes and if the Vols simply improved somewhat on defense, that they could have a special season. And that’s how it unfolded.

“They played beautifully at times throughout the season,” McElroy said. “… Are they ahead of schedule, you better dang believe it.”

McElroy then shifted to the “big elephant in the room,” which is replacing Hendon Hooker, which he’s not concerned about, nor is his concerned about the offensive coordinator transition.

“Just me talking, I’m not concerned about it, and that’s no disrespect whatsoever to Hendon Hooker,” McElroy said. “I love Hendon Hooker, I think he’s a phenomenal young man, I think he’s a very gifted football player and he had a great year last year. But I am far less concerned about the quarterback position at Tennessee than one might think. Because I’ve seen Joe Milton throw it with my own 2 eyes, that guy can rip the football.”

McElroy also noted that he’s aware of Milton having “too much horsepower for his own good,” and how he needs to improve on his short and intermediate throws.

About Nico Iamaleava, McElroy said he’s aware of the expectations, but he’s not sure Iamaleava can take 15 spring practices, and 15 fall practices, and overtake Milton, who just beat a legitimate team in Clemson in the bowl game.

“I’m very bullish on Tennessee this year, I really like what they bring back, I am concerned about replacing the Biletnikoff Award winner, I think that’s going to be a difficult thing to overcome because of the speed that was on the field every single time he lined up out there in isolation.”

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