One of Greg Schiano’s lasting legacies from his days as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach was a series of kneel-down incidents where his players would treat a quarterback kneel down as serious as a play in the middle of the game. Even with a blitz.

One of the NFL players at the time was former Tennessee star Peyton Manning, who was with the Denver Broncos at the time. In 2013, Manning carried on the backlash that first started the year before.

With reports of Schiano working out a deal to become Tennessee’s next coach, questions about these incidents and Manning’s reaction to them, will be raised in the coming days.

Schiano and the Bucs pulled the same blitzing move against Denver as it did against the Giants. And that drew the ire of Manning. According to Mike Silver of, Manning cursed out Schiano after the game, just like Coughlin did. Ex-Buc Michael Bennet told Silver, “Peyton cussed him out. And I ain’t never heard Peyton cuss.”

That came after Tampa Bay players blitzed Eli Manning on a kneel-down play at the end of a seven-point loss. After that game, Giants coach Tom Coughlin cursed Schiano to his face after the game

In his post-game press conference, Schiano was undaunted and dismissed questions about it being illegal or dirty.