Season Nine of “Grumors” is in full force.

Look around #VolTwitter for a few minutes and you’ll be sure to find numerous Tennessee fans who are enamored with former Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Super Bowl-winning coach Jon Gruden.

“Grumors” is a seasonal thing, but this year the rumors may be even more intense, as the Volunteers’ football program seems to be going through tough times with current head coach Butch Jones.

Some Tennessee fans want a new coach — and they believe Gruden is the right answer.

The “Grumors” intensified last week when SEC Network radio host Paul Finebaum said he was told that Gruden would be Tennessee’s No. 1 choice if it makes a head coaching change.

Now, former Tennessee running back Travis Stephens has posted an Instagram video of himself and Gruden.

Gruden said, “Let’s go, Tennessee Vols,” on the video that apparently was taken on Thursday night.

Hmm … interesting:

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