The “Grumors” haven’t really died down in Knoxville since Paul Finebaum said he was told Jon Gruden would be Tennessee’s No. 1 target if it made a head coaching change this season.

But on Friday, they heated up even more, as Gruden was actually spotted in downtown Knoxville strolling around Market Square.

What was Gruden doing in Knoxville?

That much is unclear at this point, though there has been a ton of speculation.

Some people have mentioned that Gruden has a son who attends the University of Tennessee, so he could have been in town to see him. Others have pointed out that he’s calling the upcoming Monday Night Football game in Nashville between the Tennessee Titans and Indianapolis Colts, so he’s probably already in the state of Tennessee.

But why would he be in Knoxville, which is about two and a half hours away from the Music City? Some others have said he’s in town specifically for the Tennessee-South Carolina game on Saturday.

Speculate for yourself.

Tennessee fans and local media confirmed that Gruden was, indeed, in town.