Hugh Freeze has not seen many college football games this season outside of Liberty, because he’s coached in so many night games. But Freeze saw the Alabama-Tennessee game.

He took some time this week to share with ESPN’s Matt Barrie how he evaluates the Tennessee offense.

“You start with their tempo and splits on offense, I think are a nightmare for defenses,” Freeze said. “Not every quarterback can operate in that, but (Hendon) Hooker can. He’s got the arm strength to do that and they spread you from absolute sideline to sideline. You’re forced, ‘Are we going to play man, or are we going to put an extra guy out there?’ And then the box becomes light and I think probably the most surprising thing that I think people should look at is just what they average per carry.”

Freeze said to not get caught up in the total rushing yardage for Tennessee, but the yards per carry number is more important. That rushing ability helps keep Tennessee on schedule, and forces defenses to defend plenty of grass from sideline to sideline, Freeze said, and noted that Liberty beat Virginia Tech when Hooker was there.

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