The Indiana Hoosiers and Tennessee Volunteers will meet in this year’s Gator Bowl in what’s sure to be an exciting matchup.

As the teams begin preparations, Indiana coach Tom Allen was asked about the Vols and the season they’ve had on Friday.

Per Allen, the Vols are one of the more athletic teams the Hoosiers have faced. He credited them as a “typical SEC team,” complimenting Tennessee’s toughness (via 247Sports):

“Very athletic, is what I see,” Allen said. “Offensive line, I think is very talented. They’re a young team, but a very talented team. Their receiver corps is the strength of their offense in terms of just raw talent. Very, very impressed with them. And then the good solid running backs, and they got numerous running backs that are able to be effective. And then their D-line, I think is very aggressive and physical and athletic, and they got some good size at backer and they all run well. So it’s a typical SEC team. Very impressed with them physically, a lot of athleticism. The thing about them, you kind of look and they’re really playing their best football. They won their last five games, have kind of stopped turning the ball over, which we all know how big that is. And once they started doing that, it really allowed them to be successful. So Coach Pruitt’s done a really good job with this team.”

There’s still a lot of time before the 2 teams play, so we’ll see who comes out with the better game plan on Jan. 2 in Jacksonville.