The University of Tennessee football team is becoming quite popular in an unexpected area of the world.

After switching from an Adidas sponsorship to Nike last year, the Volunteers were saddled with boxes and boxes of unusable Adidas gear. Instead of letting that gear go to waste, WBIR reports that UT decided to send it overseas — specifically, to Israel for use in the Israeli Football League:

According to the IFL’s coaching coordinator Dan Phillips, UT is the league’s largest donor by far, donating more than 700 practice jerseys along with compression gear and other equipment.

Football equipment often costs Israeli players $1,000 or more due to the fact that they have to ship it in from overseas. However, the UT gear was shipped at no charge to the players thanks to an effort by a Tennessee church group.


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In addition to receiving new and lightly-used gear, the Israeli football players were thrilled to learn it was from a school where one of their favorite NFL players starred:

“They’re already fans of UT to some degree because of Peyton Manning,” Phillips said. “So it was one thing when they found out they had this great shipment of football gear coming. It was quite another thing when they found out it was from the University of Tennessee.”

Tennessee’s first game of the season, against Appalachian State, is scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m. EST, or 2:30 a.m. in Israel. Kickoff times for the Vols’ other 11 games have yet to be announced. It’s probably safe to say that Tennessee’s new Israeli fanbase is hoping for a few games to start at noon or 1 p.m. EST.