Jalen Hurd’s recruitment continues, will reportedly visit Louisville

Nov 29, 2014; Nashville, TN, USA; Tennessee Volunteers running back Jalen Hurd (1) runs for a short gain during the first half against the Vanderbilt Commodores at Vanderbilt Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

If things go well this weekend, college football’s next odd couple could be Jalen Hurd and Bobby Petrino.

According to a report from Jody Demling of Cardinal Authority, the former Tennessee running back will visit Louisville this weekend as his nationwide recruitment continues. According to the report, not only will Hurd be visiting the ACC campus but he’s considering a move to tight end at his next destination.

Hurd has already reportedly visited Ohio State and Cal.

Hurd gained national headlines last season when he left Tennessee’s football program eight games into the schedule after having the worst year of production on the field since arriving in Knoxville. After averaging 1,092 rushing yards and 8.5 touchdowns a season in his freshman and sophomore seasons, Hurd managed to rack up only 451 yards and three touchdowns before leaving Tennessee in October.

While losing a player that was about to become the school’s all-time rushing leader would seem like a negative, Tennessee’s offense exploded following Hurd’s departure. After scoring a combined 31 points in the last two games Hurd played for the Vols, Tennessee scored 55, 49, 63, 34 and 38 in each of the remaining games on the schedule.

Wherever Hurd lands, it will be interesting to see how he is utilized in the offense moving forward. For a player that has been so successful on the ground, his desire to shift positions remains a mystery.

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  • NOONE CARES!!!!!! Go John Kelly!

  • Kid has a lot of talent and apparently a giant ego as well. It was always more about Jalen than the team. Not gonna bash the kid though, we all made regrettable decisions at that age.

    • Not gonna bash the kid? Big ego? How do you know this kid has a big ego? You know him personally? This kid gave his all running the ball for Tennessee and now all yall so called fans want to bash him. Yall know nothing of the situation as to why he left, all yall just guess and make assumptions. What if the coaches are the reason he left? Anyone thought of that? We all make mistakes especially at this age. All I know is this kid was a warrior at RB. I wish this kid well wherever he goes. How soon we forget.

      • bryanchip always bashing….maybe he did have an ego. Maybe it was the coaches. Bottom line the kid quit his team mid season. regardless of the circumstances, that’s not something you do. I was a huge JH fan through good games and bad, but you don’t quit your team. I do wish him the best though.

      • So you bash coaches, who gave everything to the program and improved the offense immensely, but you defend a players who openly said, “Im leaving the team, because they aren’t using me correctly.” You are so bask asswards, its no wonder nobody takes anything you say seriously. I don’t have to know the kid to see that he thought he was better than the rest of the team. His actions spoke loud and clear.

        • Really the coaches gave everything for the team? Coaches dont ever quit on teams do they? Kiffin ring a bell? No one knows except Hurd and maybe, maybe Jones as to why he left. I said back at the Georgia game that something was up with Hurd and Jones. Jones was constantly on him on the sidelines. Maybe they had a falling out. Would you stay somewhere were someone belittled you all the time? Truth will come out one day. Hurd was a beast of a RB at Tennessee and has my respect and gratitude. He is still, just a kid by the way. Hurd has done more for UT then the rest of you bandwagon fans. One more thing, Butch Jones is not Tennessee and I dont have to love the man. Alot of coaches and come and gone……but I still bleed orange. Go put your Vandy cap back on.

  • He will quit on you.

  • Hurd is a pathetic excuse for a teammate

    A team player does not quit on his team midway through the season. You finish the season then move on

    Hurd can forget about the NFL he will be a long shot gamble at best because if his attitude

    • Click on SevenT and see the stupidity he posts. And he has several other screen names so he can post and get someone to agree with him. A real winner.