Peyton Manning has been in the news in recent days following Saturday’s scathing article in the New York Daily News that rehashed details of the quarterback’s 1996 incident with an athletic trainer during his time at Tennessee.

We did our best to summarize the events leading up to the recent Manning discussion here, and you can read the article by New York Daily News writer Shaun King here.

On Monday, some of the national media started to fight back at the assertion that the Manning incident had been brushed under the rug to further advance his football career.

FOX Sports personality Jason Whitlock was incredibly critical of King and his piece during an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show Monday morning.

Pro Football Talk captured some of Whitlock’s comments to Dan Patrick:

“The guy that wrote this story for the New York Daily News, he’s not a journalist,” Whitlock said. “He’s a race hustler from Twitter, from the Black Lives Matter movement who stirs racial controversy to elevate himself. Listen, the guy’s been busted. First of all, he’s white and presenting himself as black. He said that as a child in high school he was allegedly attacked by a group of white people because he was black. Well, he wasn’t black and there were people saying that wasn’t why he was attacked and there’s no proof of it. He said that it was the first hate crime in Kentucky or whatever.

“I looked into this all at the time because I interviewed this guy for a job at The Undefeated months ago,” Whitlock said, referring to the microsite he was hired to develop at ESPN. “And after interviewing him I was like, ‘Holy cow.’ There’s so much suspicious, skeptical stuff to this guy that we walked away from this guy and looked into the stories he told us, and we couldn’t find proof of them.”

He’s not the only FOX Sports personality to be critical of the piece on Manning.

Clay Travis also wrote a piece over the weekend to counter King’s assertions, and has been very outspoken against King on Twitter:

Peyton Manning has yet to comment in or about any of these stories, and he seems unlikely to do so in the future.