Jauan Jennings just closed his career inside Neyland Stadium playing the game the only way he knows how to do it — by giving his team and his university all he has to give.

In his last game inside Neyland Stadium, Jennings may have given a little too much.

Late in the game, following a thunderous hit, there was an incident on the sideline involving a Vanderbilt player that had his helmet removed. One of Jennings’ cleats then comes into contact with the player’s head, although there’s no way to read intent with just a clip to view.

You can view the incident here if you haven’t seen it.

After viewing the clip, SEC Network analyst DJ Shockley, who actually called the game for the SEC Network, reacted with some harsh words for Jennings:

Thoughts on this incident? Do you think Jennings really meant to “stomp” on the Vanderbilt player’s head and stated by ESPN?