Will he stay or will he go?

That seems to be the question that everyone is asking about Jauan Jennings, who was dismissed from Tennessee last season but now has a path to get back on the team.

Jennings was dismissed at the end of last season for a profanity-laden rant against the coaching staff that he posted on Instagram. He was then kicked off the team before the regular-season finale by interim coach Brady Hoke.

Naturally, the idea of reinstating the receiver has been a popular topic of conversation since Jeremy Pruitt was hired.

Pruitt was asked about Jennings’ progress on Thursday at a National Signing Day Celebration at the Country Music Hall of Fame. The new Vols coach sounded optimistic about Jennings’ current outlook.

“We’ve laid out some things in-house that he’s got to do, and we’re just going one day at a time,” Pruitt said via 247sports. “We’ll see where we go with it.”

Pruitt added that “nobody is perfect” and that the dangers of social media probably would’ve claimed plenty more victims had it been around back when he was growing up.

As for whether Jennings will be fully reinstated, Pruitt said that he’ll continue to at least have a chance.

“I’ll say this: Jauan knows he made a mistake. He’s embarrassed by it, and I think we’re going to give him an opportunity in-house to find his way back on the team,” Pruitt said via 247sports. “But — and there’s always a but with it, right? — he’s got to do that. There ain’t going to be nothing given to him and he knows that. It’s a long ways to go and we’ll see. Hopefully he can do that.”