Tennessee head coach Jeremy Pruitt confirmed after the brutal 47-21 loss to Florida that a Tennessee player did indeed leave the field during the game.

Rumors were circulating during the game that Quart’e Sapp had quit the team. Pruitt was asked about it during his post-game press conference, and Pruitt said he asked Sapp to go in the game, and he refused. Therefore, Pruitt asked him to leave.

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“Since I’ve been here, Quart’e has been a very good ambassador for the game, done everything we’ve asked him to do,” Pruitt said. “He left the field during the game because he wouldn’t go into the game when he was asked to go in. I don’t know how things were done before but when you tell someone to go in, they refuse to go in, we aren’t going to do that around here. I asked him to leave. He didn’t leave on his own, I asked him to leave.”

Pruitt was then asked if Sapp was still on the team.

“Well, I don’t think right now is the time to discuss that but to me, there’s no secrets. It is what it is.”

Anytime new head coaches take over programs, there will be growing pains, but this certainly doesn’t happen much.

Sapp refused to go in the game, and Pruitt wasn’t having any of it.

Tennessee’s head coach made sure everyone knows who’s the boss, as he asked Sapp to leave the field immediately.