The Tennessee Volunteers will be the first team to benefit from not having to face Florida starting quarterback Feleipe Franks, who sustained a dislocated ankle this past Saturday. But being the first opponent to face the new quarterback could be a disadvantage too, as there isn’t a lot of film to study on new Florida starting signal caller Kyle Trask.

It doesn’t sound like Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt is concerned with that issue, though, as he said Wednesday the Florida offense “continued to do what they do” when Trask took over against Kentucky on Saturday. Pruitt added that Trask “was efficient, ran the ball and just kept clicking.”

Tennessee picked up a big victory, 45-0, against Chattanooga in Week 3 after losing to two non-Power 5 opponents, Georgia State and BYU, in the first two games of the season. But obviously beating Florida would be a much more significant win and could make the first two embarrassing losses of the year a distant memory.

Here’s what else Pruitt said during his press conference Wednesday:

  • On Darnell Wright: I think Darnell could play OG or OT. I think it gives us the best chance to have success with him at OG, and that’s why we are doing that.
  • On minimizing UF’s pass rush: It helps to have a good running game, run screen, get the ball out… staying out of obvious passing downs. A lot that goes into that.
  • On pressuring the QB: We obviously can improve. There has been one game where there wasn’t much opportunity to do that. the other two, we got the QB off his spot.. everyone looks at sacks but that’s not always the best indicator of pass rush… we definitely need to improve, we need to improve in all areas but especially up front and we need to win some one-on-one battles.
  • On Trask running the offense: I didn’t see any changes… they continue to do what they do. He was efficient, ran the offense, he has been there since Dan has been there, he has age and experience in the system… he was efficient, ran the ball… they just kept clicking there.
  • On his freshmen: I think we have a lot of guys that have the right character, the right intangible but they have a lot to learn — as do a lot of young players in this league. You see the upside… We feel like we evaluated some good. players… there is the opportunity to play and improve
  • On Bryce Thompson: Bryce has practiced with us the last two weeks, he will continue to practice and we will make that decision when the time comes.