Tennessee’s new coach is currently in the process of a culture change on Rocky Top.

While many prospects and players may be more concerned about what number they get to wear, the alternate jersey that week or what position they line up on the football field, Jeremy Pruitt’s sole focus is on getting the best from his players and collective team this spring.

With that in mind, he’s been moving players on both sides of the ball and sometimes back and forth to see what he has from individual players. During his Tuesday evening press conference, Pruitt broke down why he’s moving his players around and what he wants to see from his Tennessee team moving forward.

“We’re trying to learn concepts, we’re trying to learn how to block, tackle. We’re trying to learn how to compete, how to play with effort all the time. You talk about pop, I said it a while ago, it’s the first time that I needed to get out of the way today, which is a good thing,” Pruitt said.

“Most of the great players, probably the guys that are along these walls around here, I bet you Coach Fulmer, Coach Majors, Coach Dickey and Coach Neyland, I bet you they didn’t have to get them to go. I bet that when they went out there to practice football, they were ready to practice. They might not have wanted to go to school, they may not have wanted to do a lot of things, but when it came time to play football, the real football players show up.”

The video clip below was posted on Twitter by sports reporter Luke Slabaugh of WBIR Knoxville: