Tennessee is trying to get back the momentum it had to start the season, but first the Vols must identify why things have gone sideways.

Coach Jeremy Pruitt identified the problems on Wednesday’s SEC coaches media teleconference.

“We turn the ball over 7 times in 6 games, that didn’t help during one stretch,” Pruitt said. “We haven’t put together a complete game yet… create plays in special teams, getting turnovers in kicking game and limited explosive plays.”

Does that include more contributions from the versatile Velus Jones?

“He hasn’t had a lot of opportunity in the return game, so many guys kick it out of the end zone,” Pruitt said. “We’ve got to find ways to get him the ball and give him an opportunity to do that, design some plays for his ability. … He’s a guy we want to get involved in the next four weeks, we need to take advantage of his ability.”

This week, Tennessee faces Auburn and a Kevin Steele defense, which Pruitt understands the Vols are familiar with given his history.

“Well, you know, when you have some familiarity it’s obviously easier to give input to the offensive coaches when they say, ‘Hey what are they doing here, why are they doing it this way,'” Pruitt said. “Yeah, I would think that would help you know so me and Kevin talk very frequently. So I called him I think it was last Wednesday night and asked him what he is doing he said he was working on Tennessee so jokingly I was giving him a scouting report.”

About the quarterback plan, Pruitt said he will wait to reveal that on Saturday.