Tennessee freshman QB Brian Maurer has had a rough season in terms of injuries. He has been beaten up behind an equally beaten-up offensive line.

Now, as the Vols prepare for a game against Kentucky, Maurer’s return from said injuries is still in question as Saturday approaches.

On Wednesday night’s “Vol Calls” radio show, coach Jeremy Pruitt discussed Maurer’s recovery (via 247Sports):

“Brian’s fine. He’s had several weeks off here, so he should be ready to go. We’ve got some other guys that are probably a little more banged up and closer to being questionable, but all the guys are working hard. Our training staff is doing an excellent job trying to get these guys ready to go. Just part of it. If they’re able to go, that’s great. If they’re not, somebody else will play and they need to play well.”

How much, if at all, Maurer plays on Saturday remains to be seen. However, Pruitt seems confident that the freshman will be ready for whatever his role is.