The Tennessee Volunteers got a big boost to their already solid offensive line on Wednesday night, when the SEC approved OL Cade Mays’ eligibility.

Now, we’ll get to see the full offensive line coach Jeremy Pruitt and the Vols envisioned this offseason.

On Wednesday night’s “Vol Calls,” Pruitt discussed what happened when he learned the news that Mays was eligible (via 247Sports):

“When I found out, I walked all the way around the Anderson Center about three times trying to find him, and he was up in a film room studying film, so I never found him.” Pruitt said. “I finally got him on the phone. He already knew, but he was excited. I know that just the unknowns for him, he really took a chance by deciding to leave the place he chose to go to out of high school. I’ve experienced that myself (when I transferred from Middle Tennessee State to Alabama as a player).

“When you’re sitting there in limbo, there’s a lot of things that go through your mind, and I’m sure that this is absolutely a burden that’s off his chest now.”

Why the decision wasn’t made before last week’s season opener is unclear, but at least Mays can play now. That makes the Vols’ offense even better.

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