Tennessee is adjusting following the news that the Texas A&M game was postponed this week, and coach Jeremy Pruitt explained that the Vols would spend the extra time helping younger guys get more practice time.

“We will sprinkle in future opponents and go back and probably get more fundamental base practices like you would in fall camp,” Pruitt said on the SEC coaches media teleconference. “We have young guys that missed time during camp and we need to give them time to grow, that will be our focus.”

The Vols on Tuesday had about 40 plays with their younger guys, Pruitt said, and that will continue.

“I talked to Jimbo (Fisher) on Monday and he was open and honest about it but we continued to prepare like we would be playing on Saturday,” Pruitt said. “… We had a really good practice that was centered around A&M… it would be similar to an off-week practice.”

Pruitt said Tennessee would practice the next two days and make a decision on the Saturday schedule tonight.

What was the players’ reaction to the game being called off?

“It’s really unique, when we first came back in June, it wasn’t like a normal June,” he said. “Then we moved things back in July… this is not something unusual for them, it’s kinda happened with all the changes on the schedule.”

Pruitt was asked to evaluate his coaching performance.

“It’s all based on your record, right? Based on our record, it’s not where it needs to be, that’s pretty obvious,” Pruitt said.