Are Tennessee defenders coached to go down if opposing offenses go into a hurry-up pace?

Not according to Jeremy Pruitt.

That may be what the Volunteer coach is selling but you would have a tough time selling that to Arkansas and Auburn fans as Tennessee defenders appeared to do just that in the most recent games coached by Pruitt.

Here is what Pruitt had to say when asked to share his take on players faking injuries to slow opponents’ momentum.

“We don’t coach that,” Pruitt said on Monday. “I’ve been at places where that is the norm but we hadn’t coached that here. That’s never been addressed with any of our players.”

Pruitt was later asked about the injury status of freshman defender, Tyler Baron. Baron was the player that went down against Auburn, which can be seen in the video below.

“I don’t know that he had an injury,” Pruitt said.

It was then brought to Pruitt’s attention that Baron was the player that went down against Auburn in the sequence that is being called into question.

“These guys go down all the time so I don’t exactly know the injury,” Pruitt responded. “He wasn’t on the injury report this morning.”

Here is a video of the sequence if you missed it Saturday night. You be the judge: